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Old Comments:

2009-02-19 10:24:16
thanks cohise - i'll try to post the best of the ziegfeld pics that i have... i don't think people want to see all of them.
2009-02-19 10:22:36
i took a longer look at some of my lombard pics - i think you're right
2009-02-19 09:52:14
She was married to Clark Gable
2009-02-19 09:50:16
It could be Carol Lombard
2009-02-19 09:50:15
Thanks - I hope they don't get voted off before they get some more time to be viewed.
2009-02-19 09:42:16
These are beautiful pictures hooknslice I tried to undo some of the miuses, I think this is some famous star, but I don't know who.