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Old Comments:

2009-08-14 08:03:32
Man is the cat's greatest invention!
2009-07-16 03:35:38
that's a crazy shot! (crazy in a good way!) :)
2008-01-21 17:01:10
2008-01-20 13:00:20
I built a catwalk in my living room. It's a walkway of planks about a foot from the ceiling that runs along three of the walls. They love it up there. I also built a small staircase (about 6 inches wide) that leads up to it. Yes, they're spoiled - I'm one of those people cat-haters love to hate.
2008-01-20 08:00:17
Normally I diss cat posters big time(you can check my comments) but I will let this one pass.....BTW what the fuck is that kitty doing up there?
2008-01-20 06:26:23
Cats are man's greatest invention.