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Old Comments:

2010-06-02 03:45:35
Non non mes are all so verrry wrong (said with a strong French accent)! The petit écureuil (squirrel) did not use the expression 'yum yum' nor 'nom nom', as both those expressions are English. Our little squirrel is definitely French. Can you not see his little it curls upward? Only a little French squirrel can demonstrate such flair. It requires a certain 'je ne sais quoi'.
2010-06-01 23:39:34
The title is the photographer's, not mine.
2010-06-01 23:27:52
Yeah but he's like, eating it, not anticipating the act of eating. There seem to be an abundant evidence of noming in the picture. I, for one, vote for the nom. In anycase, I'm always happy to debate rethorical questions on the internet for the sake of culture. I agree that the yum is prior to the nom tho.
2010-06-01 23:02:53
Strictly speaking 'nom nom,' a classic example of onomatopoeia, is the written expression of the sound made by a person or an animal while actually engaged in the act of eating. 'Yum yum,' on the other hand, is the written expression of the sound made, presumably by a person but perhaps by an animal as well, in anticipation of eating some delicious thing ( such as a cheeseburger) but prior to the actual eating of the delicious thing.
2010-06-01 21:29:25
It's not Yum yum it's nom nom. Om nom nom is also correct. Jeez you people this is the internet...