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Old Comments:

2010-10-04 06:23:40
Very apropos to the comments ;-)
2010-10-03 14:44:50
Thanks for the explanation, Connie. I wasn't aware of that. I don't think that quiche is a sissy food. I quite like quiche Lorraine. It's very tasty, but I don't eat that very often as it is considered very fattening to eat. 't_Eat_Quiche
2010-10-03 14:07:06
There's a common saying, at least in Canada and the US, that real (meaning macho) men don't eat quiche (I guess they consider it sissy or girlie food). There was a movie with that title or the comment was made in the movie about that.
2010-10-03 13:38:34
Sorry Connie, but I'm not understanding the connection between non gay men and quiche. Have I missed something here ?
2010-10-03 12:49:19
I know they do; but non-gay men who don't eat quiche don't wear them ;-)
2010-10-03 09:11:43
Sorry, that answer went to the wrong place here on the page. It was meant for Fuzzy Blue One's comment...
2010-10-03 09:09:55
Thankyou again for the info, Fuzzy Blue One... :)
2010-10-03 09:07:21
Apparently Connie, men can wear these thongs as well, according to this link from Wikipedia... (clothing)
2010-10-03 09:03:10
That's a good one, Chief Running Dog. Very funny... :)
2010-10-03 05:09:09
An Indian woman came to the Medicine Man complaining of some malady. The Medicine Man gave her a rawhide thong about a foot long with seven knots tied in it, with instructuions to cut one knot from the thong each day and eat it. When the last knot was eaten, he said, she would be cured. Seven days later the woman returned, still feeling poorly, and said to the Medicine Man "The thong is ended, but the malady lingers on."
2010-10-03 04:41:45
We used to call them thongs when I was younger. They are now called flip flops. Thongs are now a type of women's panties that mothers don't want their daughters to wear, but men love them ;-)
2010-10-03 03:14:27
They are called Tabi socks
2010-10-01 11:17:38
So that's how they do it ? Thanks for letting me know that, Fuzzy Blue One. You're a wealth of knowledge... :)
2010-10-01 10:44:18
The socks are designed with a split in the toe
2010-09-29 17:17:37
Very pretty outfits and very colourful. I don't know though how they can wear thongs (that's what we call them in Australia) with socks on. It's very hard to keep them in between the toes then... :(