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Old Comments:

2008-09-15 02:39:58
LOTS MORE DROP CLOTHS ??? OF COURSE !!? I hope you will pay them !
2008-09-14 10:13:28
This job can be better accomplished with a protractor rod and (of course) lots more drop cloths. Mastery in house painting consists mostly in making the longest strokes possible, thereby reducing overlap. A pro would need to use a pump roller and walk the entire length with as little wavering as possible. That, or use a spray gun.
2008-09-14 02:38:04
Pixdaus has forgotten to mention the author of the photo’s (!!!), so I will do it again: “Photography (by way of a wink): Jean-Yves Lemoigne !” It’s not because I work these WE that some other people must be idle.