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Old Comments:

2009-12-30 11:09:29
where has fuzz been? we miss him @ southpark mall
2009-04-14 11:49:52
Nothing like that warm fuzzy feeling connie! that's what I was going for : )
2009-04-14 11:43:50
Whatever - photoshopped or not or just fuzzy cops ;-) this photo gave me a real good laugh. It gave me a fuzzy feeling.
2009-04-14 10:45:24
That's what I like about you A Bouts, you always find the humor in things, and we need it around here sometimes : )
2009-04-14 10:23:33
Hey Feeli, going by the pics you have posted we can see that you are truly an expert at Photo-Shop.
2009-04-14 10:12:16
While driving I try to avoid the fuzz
2009-04-14 08:58:12
I'm not a guy,and maybe I'm not as sophisticated as you feeli, but why couldn't the cat be sitting in the car? my cat sits in the car, and when they do get in the car they usually move around alot. Who knows, I liked the pic anyway.
2009-04-14 08:40:23
Sorry guy... nice trial but really BAD Photoshoped ;) lol every idiot could see that you just hold the cat like that and "photoshoped" the pics after it ;) so not a real successfull work ;) but anyway a nice trial ;)