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Old Comments:

2011-07-23 23:01:03
Your review is as yet far from being worth a nomination in the Guinness book of Records but nevertheless I have given you a +3 because for the first time within living memory you are making a bit of progress.
2011-07-23 20:55:22
Here's another thought that entered my little pea-brain: Perhaps many women on this site downvoted this photo in protest against this type of cultural practises that causes these women a lot of pain down the road. I do agree with KJ that the size would have been a contributing factor. I have seen beautiful photos downvoted because they were small.
2011-07-23 20:51:57
I don't agree with you and Kodak Jack regarding this photo (see my comment above). I agree that many photos are downvoted for no other reason. But, too many photos are downvoted or upvoted based on the uploader's name, not the photo.
2011-07-23 19:37:18
I posted a similar photo (bigger size) a couple of years ago and it was immediately down voted. A poster used to post mostly photos of indigenous people, and they were downvoted a lot. People on Pixdaus don't seem to like that type of photos. It's too bad because we can learn so much about our world through these types of photos.
2011-07-23 19:13:00
It is a nice photo, though perhaps a bit small, which might explain at least some of the negative votes. Enlarging it somewhat would enhance its appeal though one looses a certain amount of sharpness and definition by doing that. That the downvoting is motivated by 'political correctness' seems unlikely, although that is certainly a possibility. But a more likely explanation is that much if the downvoting here, not just of this photo but in general, is done in the spirit in which delinquents kick over trash cans or break shop windows. It's a form of vandalism, and persons who are otherwise powerless in their lives, or sense themselves as being so, are especially prone to such behavior. Pushing the negative button provides a little frisson of excitement, and with fewer potential negative consequences than turning over rubbish bins, breaking windows, torturing small animals or starting fires in vacant buildings. It's simply the price we pay for this site being wide open to the public with no checks or filters.
2011-07-23 15:14:43
I have no idea why you gotnegative scores on this picture - its quite well done. I can only assume its 'political correctness' comments on the Karen tribe's admittedly bizarre practice.