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Old Comments:

2008-12-22 16:58:29
Chuck Norris is a poser and a loser who is popular due to the stupidity of the American Public who think that he is the epitome of male toughness...
2008-05-19 10:14:50
Not only that, palm oil is reeeeally bad for your health..about the same as eating lard.
2008-05-19 10:03:18
He or she is an Ape not a monkey - and its so sad to see it needing a human to bring it up instead of growing up in the forest with a real mum like it should be. Boycott food from asia made with Palm oil and don't buy any asian sourced biodiesel. They are wiping out the Orangutans to grow that rubbish that we can easily do with out.
2008-05-18 12:21:10
Don't insult the little monkey...he's smarter and better looking than Norris...
2008-05-18 00:08:02
Frudi you kill
2008-05-17 17:48:59
... and then it was like all BOUM and swoosh. . . and it like realy huge, like amazing ... man ... i swear! :D