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Old Comments:

2008-08-30 20:30:45
An easy way to find out which Just Sayin is the real one is to click on their names..the REAL JS has posted over two thousand comments. .the gutless pathetic puddle of puke who is stalking him has posted only about sixty..
2008-08-30 16:28:31
Yawn. That post makes it look like I would actually waste time trying to track down a troll. I bet you'll neg vote it so that it appears to be a legitimate message from me as well...
2008-08-30 15:17:17
I found the trolls homepage, if anyone is interested. It does a lot to explain why they are so messed up and I think it will help us get rid of them. It looks like there is a way to report them.
2008-08-30 02:03:24
STFU patito... eat a cock. I am Barack Obama and I approve of this message.
2008-08-29 22:33:38
Jeeez..what a pathetic, sick little fucker you must be...too chickenshit to even stand behind your own anonymous name..that's truly gutless..
2008-08-29 15:31:56
I just want five minutes with her. And a wisk. and some baby oil.
2008-08-29 14:40:16
2008-08-29 14:17:25
LOL Barack!!!
2008-08-29 13:20:34
I know I could moisten those lips! I'm Barack Obama and I approve of this message!
2008-08-29 13:14:20
Does she ever have a pouting face! Good black & white photo.
2008-08-28 00:38:54
I know you would be happier with moist lips.
2008-08-27 21:16:29
I know you need some chapstick.