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Old Comments:

2008-12-14 03:47:14
Ahh, "Exit" Thus meaning NOT. I agrree with (gosh) & (Ric Verwer). My reasoning for my "opinion" is that the photo seems to dry for Yosemite, and the mountains in the background are not steep enough. If I posted a pic of San Fransisco & titled it "Las Vegas", then somebody downloaded it, they too would call it "Las Vegas". Remember: INFORMATION IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE SOURCE. Kevin, Your posts are WOUNDERFUL! Would I be writing this if I didn't see something in the photo? Keep up the good work! Pete
2008-07-20 23:37:06
01336_exityosemite_1600x1200.JPG Here's the full name of the pic.
2008-07-20 22:22:14
Maybe Owens Valley, but NOT Yosemite...
2008-07-20 11:50:22
That's not Yosemite.