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Old Comments:

2010-08-14 13:39:23
Yes, this is Horsetail Falls at Yosemite, but in this case the "firefalls" is not the result of sunset light but of actual fire. Horsetail Falls only occurs briefly each winter primarily in January and February. The original photo, by Galen Rowell, showed it brightly lit up by the setting sun. Thousands of people then starting coming to Yosemite to see this phenomenon, but only a very few actually have. This phenomenon can only be seen a very few days (if conditions are right) around 22 February and it can only be seen from down below on the Yosemite Valley floor. Until the practice was stopped, not too many years ago, park service employees went to the top of the falls and created a firefalls by throwing glowing ashes on the top of the falls. This made for an attractive site that could reliably and easily be seen. I believe that this photo is of the actual "firefalls" rather than the glowing sunset and, if so, it must have been taken a number of years ago. My reasoning for this includes: The angle of the photo. This has been taken from a higher elevation than the valley floor and must have been taken from a helicopter. The glowing sunset phenomenon would not have been visible from this angle. Also, if people and fire source materials, were being flown to the top of the falls to create a "firefall" effect, a helicopter would have been necessary as it is the only practical way to get to the top. Also, if you blow up this photo and look carefully at the top, you can see a couple of people standing up there. I have actually been to Yosemite a number of times and have seen Horsetail Falls when it was flowing, but I have never witnessed the very rare sunset firefall effect and I don't know of any others that have. Each evening at the end of February a park service employee will take potential viewers to the optimum viewpoint in hopes of seeing this phenomenon
2010-08-14 04:34:45
It's Horsetails Falls at Yosemite. When the sunset hits it just right, you get that look. It looks like lava flowing down.
2010-08-13 19:42:44