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Old Comments:

2011-01-14 05:27:01
but the way, I'll choose GB ;)
2011-01-14 05:23:03
I've read all, it's ok peas, but... what about the good questions of libellule: 1 - You will be many racers. Yesterday, how many people posted at least one yellow pic ? It will need a lot of minutes to go across/through the Site for counting : as the scores change at every minute, second, how to stop the results at exactly 9 GMT ? And, because of that, imagine there are sometimes two or three racers obtaining a very close score ... 1 - Who will count the votes ? And declare on the Site the winner ? How, by what mean, to write, to publish the results ?
2011-01-14 03:22:57
I got it RM, tnx! @ taz: Here, you can go rad on next Wednesday .
2011-01-14 03:15:15
See comments under the above pic. As Skip suggested, next week we can all choose our own theme/topic, and I 'developed' the idea further. Read my comment and give feedback, please. I luv 'ya, Skip, and think that you hit the motherload. :)
2011-01-14 03:05:39
I'm kind a slow today... Who won in yellow race and what is next topic?
2011-01-14 03:01:31
hurry uppp! :)
2011-01-14 02:10:51
When I win in the one of race I'll pick a red race.
2011-01-14 01:49:57
when? :)
2011-01-13 22:36:17
Wait for RED race... That's your color.. ;)