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2008-04-23 07:01:25
A view of Spasmodic Geyser at Yellowstone National Park. Spasmodic is an apt name for this constantly gurgling, spurting and spitting feature, it never fails to entertain. Temperature 200°F Interval hours (irregular). Duration minutes to hours. Height 3-15 feet. Dr. A.C.Peale, geologist with the 1878 Hayden survey, named Spasmodic Geyser for its erratic eruptions. This geyser plays from a collection of vents—estimated at 20—centered around two large craters. When Spasmodic is in full eruption water jets from a few inches to several feet high from the numerous vents. The two pools also erupt up to 15 feet high, with intermittent pauses and boiling, pulsating water. Spasmodic and Penta geysers, and possibly Sawmill Geyser, have subterranean connections. When the small, nearby Penta Geyser erupts, all activity in Spasmodic ceases.