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2008-09-09 02:41:43
I live in Michigan lilly, I'm not sure where poppy lives, maybe we can all meet in the middle someday!!
2008-09-09 00:40:34
The modern lyrics came into being about a hundred years after the original. The original lyrics are, by today's standards, quite racist. Here are the newer lyrics: "There's a yellow rose of Texas That I am going to see No other soldier knows her No soldier, only me. She cried so when I left her It like to broke my heart And if I ever find her We never more will part. She's the sweetest rose of color This soldier ever knew Her eyes are bright as diamonds They sparkle like the dew. You may talk about your dearest May And sing of Rosa Lee But the Yellow Rose of Texas Beats the belles of Tennessee. Oh, my heart is feeling weary And my head is hanging low I'm goin' back to Georgy To find my Uncle Joe. You may talk about your Beauregard And sing of Bobby Lee But the Gallant Hood of Texas He raised Hell in Tennessee."
2008-09-08 00:41:58
La Rosa Amarilla de Tejas. In April of 1836 General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna had almost swept the Mexican province of Texas clean and rid it of the Anglo settlers who had dared to challenge his supreme authority. Camped near the sluggish Rio de San Jacinto, the army dozed after lunch while a beautiful mulatto woman named Emily West lingered with Santa Anna in his tent. According to the story he was so taken with the lady's charms that he failed to give the order to throw out a line of pickets in front of his position. About four in the afternoon, with virtually no warning, almost a thousand ragged and furiously angry Texicans led by General Samuel Houston emerged from a line of trees and charged the Mexican camp. In less than twenty minutes the battle was over, and minute for minute it may have been the most important battle ever fought in North America. Miss West, who was what was called in those days a 'high yellow,' has been credited by some with distracting ol' Santa Anna and thus perhaps as resposible as anyone for Texas becoming an independent republic. At least that's the way the tale is told. Someone even wrote a song about her.
2008-09-06 13:32:49
I live on the Oregon coast. What state do you gals live in ? no need for zip codes , heehee ! Just curious Hanna ?
2008-09-06 13:28:51
skip , I'm glad I put a smile on your face . little things mean allot . don't really care about the votes , past that along time ago . everything comes around in due time . the important thing is you both enjoyed it . have a great night . I'll be working the next few days , I won't have to much time for pixdaus . but I'll pop in when I can . c u soon !
2008-09-06 10:21:20
Out of all the colours roses come in, my favourite is yellow as well! Thank you, Lilly!
2008-09-06 09:24:21
Thanks lilly!! this is so sweet I have to tell you some days I'm feeling kinda down Like today I've had a headache all day, and to come here and see your yellow rose (a fav of mine) put a smile on my face right away..said it before but your'e awesome lilly!! ps my vote disapeared again!