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Posted By:fuzzy blue one

Old Comments:

2009-10-01 09:35:56
Koalas are not found in Tasmania. Maybe that's why people are having trouble finding out about it... :)
2009-10-01 04:07:56
Connie, I live in the back of beyond... no such goodies here, I'm afraid.
2009-10-01 03:49:19
Try B.C. bad visions....guaranteed
2009-10-01 03:47:59
My chuckle for the day ;-)
2009-10-01 01:48:46
All I see are ugly, slimy trolls all over the place... Why don't I ever have nice visions like unicorns? Am I taking the wrong stuff, or what?
2009-10-01 01:11:15
I saw him too aha And if you want to see it too here is the instructions: :)
2009-10-01 00:46:45
** Jujuba runs to wikipedia and researches about Tasmanian human flesh eating Koala :P **
2009-10-01 00:36:02
Ah..but that was a Tasmanian koala, Ms altogether different critter..and like I said "looks like a big bull"...!!!
2009-09-30 23:35:50
Well jubuja, (with me living in Australia) I can tell you that what Patito said about koalas is definitely wrong. But they do have very strong claws and can give you quite a nasty scratch. And that's no joke either !
2009-09-30 16:35:28
Unicorn poop? :O Jack, you too? :P
2009-09-30 16:33:57
Patito had me believe that the cute little koala I´ve uploaded here one day is in fact a giant human flesh eating monster :-| I even did some research, believed in some stupid legend and only realized I was fooled days later...gosh! Now he´s responsible for my nightmares :-|
2009-09-30 16:25:31
No worries, Fuzzy Blue One. Water under the bridge now. Life's too short for worrying about things like that. No apolgies needed. You didn't hurt my feelings. And thankyou for your kindness with your apology. I appreciate that. Take care.. :)
2009-09-30 13:59:51
I didn't mean to hurt your feelings Mary -I was only joking that you believe the outlandish things Patito and Jacksparrow said. They are good at weaving together truth and fiction in funny ways. So Mary, I apologize if you took what I said the wrong way.
2009-09-30 13:48:59
No apoligies necessary, Poppy. But I do thankyou very much for your kindness. I'm not hurt by what Fuzzy Blue One said. In fact, I've forgotten all about it. Thanks for the warning though about how others can pull the wool over your eyes. I'm a wake up to it now. No harm done, Fuzzy Blue One... :) And I'm glad to be here also and to meet all of you. I look forward to more plant and flower talks with you as well, Poppy. Please take care, everyone....
2009-09-30 09:44:13
I saw a huge unicorn in a parking lot before a Pink Floyd concert in Seattle. The music was exceptionally sweet ;-)
2009-09-30 09:23:55
Mary, I apologize on behalf of Fuzzy Blue One. I guess she was trying to be funny but it misfired. - Those of us who have been here long have developed some weird ways of communicating, and we pull one another's legs all the time. Beware, Patito is our Resident Storyteller who can pull the wool over your eyes so convincingly that you may believe he's telling the truth, and I have been known to engage in the same activity myself... We cannot fool the regulars any more, but the newcomers are a cinch. After you've been here a while, you'll get to know the different characters that we have here. I, for one, am glad to have you among us, Mary, and heartily welcome you. I have enjoyed our plant and flower talks. Stick around, we’re not as bad as we may sometimes seem…
2009-09-30 09:14:53
I can assure you fuzzy blue one, that I haven't...;)
2009-09-30 08:56:06
Why do you say that, fuzzy blue one ?
2009-09-29 22:38:18
Mary must have fallen off the turnip truck several times : )
2009-09-29 21:36:43
well sort of ;)
2009-09-29 20:47:56
You're not trying to pull my leg like Patito did before, are you jacksparrow ? :)
2009-09-29 14:04:12
I did see a unicorn poop in a parking lot after a Grateful Dead concert once. That of course was many years ago. ;)
2009-09-29 13:36:31
No such thing as unicorns, are there ? Unless you meant something else, jacksparrow ?
2009-09-29 13:33:33
LOL Patito. Good one. One to you. Thanks for the laugh. I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Nice to know where you live, Patito. Take care...
2009-09-29 11:17:51
Aw....I was pullin' your leg, Ms Mary...I'm from Texas, you see, and sometimes we can't help ourselves and are overcome by the need to tell a big whopper just to see if anybody'll believe it... : )
2009-09-29 10:35:10
I thought it was probably a fungus/mushroom type thing. But I knew it couldn't be unicorn poop, because unicorn poop is multicolored.
2009-09-29 09:49:56
Well Patito, I looked this plant up on Wikipedia and the info I got about that plant was there. There really is such a plant as this. See for yourself...
2009-09-29 00:27:59
My Dear Ladies, I really hate to have to tell you this, but you are both mistaken. This is actually not any kind of plant at all, but a camouflage bivouac squad tent developed by the Royal Australian Marines for desert operations. What appears to be merely a harmless plant conceals from six to eight highly-trained commandos, who are , in fact, in there at this moment playing black-jack and swigging Foster's stubbies.
2009-09-28 22:20:18
Same with me too, Skip. And I know much about plants. But Poppy knows much better than I do about them. I bet she would give you some more info about this plant. Never heard of that film you mentioned earlier either, but then, not into movies like that....
2009-09-28 10:12:54
That's the great thing about pixdaus Mary, I don't remember ever seeing this amazing looking plant before, 3000 years old! wow!
2009-09-28 09:57:29
I read that this plant gives out tiny pink flowers and that many of these plants are around 3,000 years old as they only grow one approximately 1 millimetre a year. You learn something new everyday, don't you ?
2009-09-28 04:00:38
Reminds me of a movie...Attack of the green blob!! :) great pic fuzzy blue one!