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Old Comments:

2008-02-28 20:00:23
damn shes just too hot
2008-02-28 06:05:45
Thanks Borealis
2008-02-28 05:27:20
The girl, as well as being beautiful, is a model. I think that it will be clear ... That turned into "women" and I want to sell, it is also clear. But I do not see what is so clear to use the word "paedophile" (what that means), and at the same time make a value judgement against a user Pizdaus (in this case: Pirizoe). If you put twenty or treita, you know why this person running. The way through which, after the photo you, Professor ..., it's your problem, not the Pirizoe. I think so, friends. Do not contaminate a page so beautiful. If we set this plan, we should begin with get angry with the big names in fashion, which disguise children and climb to the catwalk ... Not? Moreover always the same, that visitors who value judgements are not the usual here. Thank you.
2008-02-28 04:54:50
i think she is very beautiful. i didn't even realize it's a child. (is it?!)
2008-02-28 02:21:01
Go have an obsession with this girl! Mother mine! There is much talk of paedophilia but merely sell girls as if women were ... One ... Two ... worth, but you do not pass man ...