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Old Comments:

2010-04-24 02:13:27
Sure, Little problem..I don't take any of this stuff seriously anyway....
2010-04-24 01:51:36
I'm gonna write a few short jokes over weekend and post them at Monday... Over&out 4 today.
2010-04-24 01:34:58
? This is not funny to me, just confusing...
2010-04-24 01:32:17
7 :)
2010-04-24 01:29:12
..and while we're on the subject: historians have finally determined what General Custer's final words were as he fell mortally wounded at the Battle of Little Bighorn. He said "Well, at least we won't have to go back through South Dakota."
2010-04-24 01:26:23
Okay..let's try this the American Midwest they tell what are called Lena and Ole jokes..Lena and Ole are provincials from South Lena and Ole got married and are driving to Minneapolis for their honeymoon. Lena is sitting close to Ole, and after awhile he puts his hand on her knee. Lena giggles and says "You can go furder if you vant to, Ole." So Ole drives on to Duluth.
2010-04-24 01:13:23
Hmh. Not bad, but not hilarious to me. By the scale from 1 low to 10 highest. I'll give 3.
2010-04-24 00:43:42
Okay, El's one.. An Aggie and a Teasip go fishing in Alaksa. They fly from Dallas to Anchorage, charter a bush plane, hire a guide, stay in a lodge, and catch about a dozen nice salmon. On the flight back to Texas the Teasip gets out his calculator and in a few minutes he says to the Aggie "Those fish we caught each cost us almost a thousand dollars." "Dang," the Aggie says. "Good thing we didn't catch any more of 'em than we did !" Note: an Aggie is a student or former student at Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College, sometimes called Moo U. A Teasip is a student or former student at the University of Texas , the state's premier flagship university. Note: Most Texans find this joke hilarious..unless they're Aggies. : )
2010-04-24 00:29:30
I'm still waiting for some American joke patito... You better start to write joke then to replay on such comments. BDW: In my attempt to translate a joke to English I lost a tinny little bit, somehow I lost a point of joke. :) I won't get this year Award for the translator of the year. ;)
2010-04-24 00:14:43
You see , there's nothing in this world I could say to convince " shout up patito " to stop with attack on you and to stop spoiling a fun to the rest of users, so I'm not waste my time on him/her. I suggest you to do the same... Life is to short to be wasted on such things.
2010-04-24 00:09:34
??? Aha. Cause you don't wanna hear that your beloved patito is a liar? I wrote these comments cause patito the Pixdaus dictator is obviously lying and try to put himself in perspective!!
2010-04-24 00:01:47
You should not replay on such comment. Like we use to do before... You do not have to explain anybody nothing.
2010-04-23 23:58:46
Why don't you answer the man's question? If in fact Patito could delete comments, why hasn't he deleted yours? You either lack the capacity to think logically, or you are very stupid.
2010-04-23 23:52:40
Tell that to the Marines, you liar! What's that for a stupid question? You DID delete my comments already! I had to wrote them again! Everytime you are too dumb to answer some comments with FACTS they "suddenly" get deleted! (See yesterday when I demonstrate everyone YOUR little dipshit life, you LOSER!) You delete comments AND pics, you upvote your own mediocre pics with 20 votes! You are a fucking troll who is manipulating this site! btw.: ...and you create dozens of one-comment-wankers to support yourself!!!! L O S E R !!!
2010-04-23 23:14:00
Sorry..despite and contrary to your paranoid delusions, I do not have the power to delete comments. Do you think yours would still be here if I did ?
2010-04-23 21:21:56
btw.: isn't it funny that only the patito-critical comments get deleted??? It's the second time I had to wrote the comment above! Yesterday patito delete TEN comments because he shoot himself in the foot! patito is the biggest troll at Pixdaus! Get it!
2010-04-23 10:35:17
Good post for Earth Day. Using native vegetation in areas where it'd take a lot of water to keep a good lawn.
2010-04-23 06:32:37
I just finished mowing four acres. Took me five hours. That type landscaping looks pretty good to me right now, but it would be boring after awhile. Still a pretty picture tho...
2010-04-23 04:06:34
Why not have a discussion of the benefits of xeriscaping? It makes a lot of sense to use plants native to the area you live in rather than trying to import grass lawns into to arid west especially when there is a water crisis - attempting to create an artificial environment is depleting the aquifers -That is some very attractive landscaping there (in the photo)
2010-04-23 03:32:14
By your comment you're trying to make it sound like a Connie comment. Since you're not using a real unsername, you're trying to hide behind a 'woman's skirt'. At least, try to be original.
2010-04-23 00:18:08
Who ever , at least he posts pictures and contributes to the site. What do you do ? Nothing but make yourself obnoxious, at which you succeed briliantly. And don't even bother to say it..we know you think I'm Patito there anyone here that you DON'T think is Patito..... Ho Hum ..
2010-04-22 23:57:30
Santa Fe Sam, Sourdough Sam, Afghan Sam = patito So boring.