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Old Comments:

2009-06-08 19:54:57
Perfect!!!! It's ironic that the Lefties, who are so married to evolution, cannot understand that the freaking planet is going through a natural cycle as it has numerous times through the ages. I wonder if the Neanderthal man, as he saw his planet warming, blamed the use of fire? "Fire bad! Anger spirits! Winter only 9 months, now. Soon woolly mammoth die!" And so it goes... you blithering idiots!
2009-04-07 11:22:45
Courtesy of the Phantom who leaves their intolerant messages in the tag section [bump] Take the Limbaugh Challenge
2009-04-06 11:14:17
Courtesy of the Phantom who leaves their intolerant message in the tag section [bump]
2009-04-05 03:08:32
Is that the same science that says the planet isn't really warming, that CO2 is actually good for us, and that the world was created 7 or 8 thousand years ago just like it says in the book of Genesis?
2009-04-04 23:33:03
Read up on the latest Science the Rain Forrest is no longer in danger.
2009-04-04 23:10:31
Get local Republicans in your neighborhood and community to help save the Rain Forest.It's easy.. just tell 'em that's where the golf ball trees grow !
2009-04-04 22:47:27
Take the Limbaugh Challenge