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Old Comments:

2010-11-19 12:07:54
This photo was taken by "Tex" Hill, one of the "Tigers" flying in formation in his P-40. He held a small camera up over his shoulder and triggered the shutter. Remarkably clear image. The aircraft in the foreground, #68, is commonly known to be "Chuck" Older's plane (Older went on to become the presiding judge @ the Manson/Tate murder trial), but it appears to be James Howard flying the aircraft. Howard was the only fighter pilot in the European Theater to be awarded the Medal of Honor.
2009-03-10 11:14:19
Heros run toward danger... Nothing "bullshit" about it... Chapter ONE.
2008-09-20 03:42:21
quit this "heroic" bullshit. they were experts at their job, end of story.
2008-09-19 13:53:44
I read somewhere that the "Flying Tiger" logo was designed by Walt Disney. The story of the AVG is heroic - they did so much with so little very well!
2008-04-29 23:14:16
Sutra is a bit of ww2 freak, but the pics are ok, it's good to know.
2008-04-27 01:35:10
These are the original hells angels!
2008-04-27 01:13:14
stop abousing the server uploading this images that nobody likes 10 images about the same is too much! this is not a historic website!
2008-04-26 23:46:50
Flying Tigers was the nickname of the 1st American Volunteer Group (AVG) that operated within the Chinese Air Force in 1941 and 1942. In essence, the group was a private military contractor. Its members were former United States Army (USAAF), Navy (USN), and Marine Corps (USMC) pilots and ground crew, recruited under Presidential approval and commanded by Claire Chennault. The group consisted of three fighter squadrons that trained in Burma before the American entry into World War II with the intention of fighting against Japanese forces.