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Old Comments:

2008-05-03 16:53:31
he holds the crutch knowing da will still defend and keep him safe. maybe even more viciously then ever
2008-05-03 14:33:46
That's a heartbreaking photo... that kid is in his sixties now, and probably understands very well what his father went through. And nice to see an old photo of Baker's Beach; across the water from there were military bunkers, which have now become the Marin Headlands. Bush - the puppet figure for the bloodless judicial coup d'etat we Americans have been living through - will soon be gone. Visitors to this site from other parts of the world, please understand: there are many Americans who know perfectly well what happened under the Bush Regime. Especially in the Bay Area. We're working and hoping for a "Democrat" President; Obama would be the best choice, obviously... these dynasties are incontrovertibly corrupt. Don't give up on us.