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Old Comments:

2008-08-21 23:23:50
"female German soldiers"?! yeak ok namygal (from france), go back to your drugs.
2008-08-21 14:30:45
Her expression is most interesting. Sad, scared and yet brave. What's with the guy behind her with his hand on a gun? He looks like he's getting ready to use it.
2008-05-16 05:44:36
Namgyal,,, There were no female german soldiers in main battle until the russians overran berlin, then civillian women and children started gorilla fighting.
2008-05-12 04:41:01
Boy it takes real guts to shave a womans head. Where were they when their country really needed them? The only ones who had the onions to fight were the foreign legion and Le Resistance.
2008-05-07 01:18:03
According to Wikipedia, police prefects in France estimated a total of 10,000 lynchings of suspected collaborationists during and after the Liberation.
2008-05-06 23:51:56
the first suicidegirl
2008-05-06 13:23:38
All good to know, because I thought it was Boy George.
2008-05-06 07:29:59
Fuck The french
2008-05-06 06:16:37
There were some ugly lynch mobs after the Liberation. I remember reading a shocking dispatch Orwell wrote about this from France.
2008-05-06 05:14:36
Actually, these women were shaved for having slept with a german soldier (No men were shaved for shagging female german soldiers). More than often, the shaving was done by people (mostly men) who themselves collaborated with the enemy and "turned their jackets inside out" just in time. A convenient way to earn easy "resistance" credits. Namgyal (from France)
2008-05-06 04:57:35
Bad things happen when you shit on your own people in a time of war.
2008-05-06 03:22:03
Lucky they weren't shot...sleeping with the enemy....
2008-05-06 02:43:13
Hypocrites. They should have all had their heads shaved.