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Old Comments:

2011-08-20 04:01:32
East Germany’s wall came tumbling down without a shot fired. Poland and Hungary dismantled their communist structures quickly and with grace. Russia itself abandoned communism, but too quickly – before they had safeguards in place, so it became corrupt very quickly, and it is now rampant and deeply entrenched. The Slovaks, more than the Czechs, wanted out of the ‘artificial’ Czechoslovakia and were pushing for it. So, the leaders on both sides met at midnight to reach an agreement. By morning, they had separated. Who complained the most for the speed? The Slovakians. The richer Czechs stood to gain more from the separation than the poorer Slovaks, who had only threatened to separate to wrest concessions from the Czechs. For the majority of countries under the USSR they dismantled quickly under Gorbachev with minimal, if any, deaths. The Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania –dismantled more slowly but peacefully. EXCEPT for ……. Yugoslavia….welllll….at the risk of upsetting you and perhaps others….here’s my opinion….based on books I have read and my personal knowledge gleaned from Canadian Serbs & Croats. First of all, Yugoslavia was put together and divided along ethnic lines – more or less….not a good idea. The two major groups - Serbs and Croats have hated each other since time began. Like many vendettas, neither side could truthfully tell you today what event precipitated the hate and mistrust. Both sides are hotheads and have long memories – mostly distorted through time. The more recent issue is that the Serbs brought on communism; the Croats welcomed Hitler’s troops. Both sides accuse each other of atrocities in WW ll. The glue that held the country together was Tito….then he died…some to be said for dictators. Also, there is Kosovo (90% Muslim) who wanted complete separation from Serbia (Orthodox Christians). Another player came into the picture – Bosnia (not part of the former Yugoslavia) - with 48% Muslims (Bosniaks), then Serbs, then Croats. What a stew!! Mix different kinds of Christians, Jews and Muslim together and you have a gooey mess on your hands. On the bright side, Slovenia separated peacefully, but then they are western Europeans – cooler heads. Macedonia also separated peacefully, yet 31% of the population is Muslim.
2011-08-19 19:26:00
I don't know much about Syria except the fact that most population there is younger then 30. Those people are not illiterate shepherds, now days internet is available to almost everyone. 30 year old Spanish and 30 old Syrian have more common things then you , Connie, and me. World is changing very, very fast. BDW:You forgot whole east Europe after the fall of the CCCP , except Yugoslavia...
2011-08-19 18:06:38
I do not fully agree that the Egyptian army is a well-respected institution. The top leaders are very corrupt; they have their fingers in every pie. They are very wealthy; they own a lot of businesses - some very strategic ones etc. But, they are professional and a well trained armed forces. Also, Mubarak, albeit corrupt and a dictator, was not as cold-blooded as Assad. Ghadafi (many spellings) in Libya is mentally sick; some of his armed forces leaders have moved in with the rebels, and some have requested asylum in other countries. So, the outcome is unpredictable. Non-violent resistance worked for Gandhi in India. But, this would require the Syrians to become united to a common cause, and I don't know if that can happen. Perhaps, it's time for the people to take up arms. But unless the majority agrees, it could be a blood bath, because Assad, like his father before, has no hesitation in having his people killed. Violence is not just in the Middle East. Young people all over the world are restless. World leaders are not listening to them; their voices are not being heard. An 'awakening' is slowly entering our world. I may not be alive when it happens, but someday the struggle will bear fruit. Some say violence begets violence; but, much of the good that is in our world has been achieved by violence.
2011-08-19 17:33:27
I agree with you my friend and that`s exactly what`s happening with the other dictators, but with some one like Bashar Assad yes he is a dictator and brutal dictator even more than Ghaddafi but he is very coward to sacrifice he`s life `cause he knows that he will never ever go to other place but jail, so if he find any hideout he will leave as fast as he can.Any way we`re ready for all scenarios but we hope to keep it a Non-violen Revolution.
2011-08-19 16:02:59
Non-violent protest worked in Egypt because the army, a well-respected institution in that country, removed itself from the struggle and did not attempt to defend Mubarak or his regime. Non-violent protest did not work in Libya, and it will probably not work in Syria. In both those countries brutal dictatorships have demonstrated an almost eager willingness to use violent force against their own people. I have deep sympathy and respect for any people who struggle against tyranny, but there comes a time in most such struggles when armed force must be met with armed resistance. Good luck to you and God bless you.
2011-08-19 15:41:31
Thanks :)
2011-08-19 10:00:32
hehe Good reply FoS.
2011-08-19 06:24:13
Watch your nerves or you will get paralysis ,i didn`t ask you to help me to free my country cause you`re too weak to do that and we will free our country by our on bare hands and without using guns `cause only tough guys how can do that mr.gun guy ;)
2011-08-19 06:00:29
Yes, it's saying "please stop posting all these schmaltzy wall paper photos" and "if you want your country to be free you're going to have to fight for it, like everyone else. No one is going to hand you your freedom. Quit wasting your time here and learn how to shoot a gun."