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2011-11-17 03:27:55
Well, well, well, … Do you know Harry Houdini ? Do you know David Copperfield ? Do you know David Blaine ? Do you know Hans Klok ? Do you know Tommy Cooper ? Do you know Mister Magic Clumsy Clod ? Do you know …. (here you fill in one or another opportunistic politician or intriguer or a bad chef (you surely remember his speciality “Flambéed cheesecake with raspberry and cream” that on second view nothing else was than the usual ordinary stinking rotten fish (?#@*&%!!!))) So, do you ? Sure ? Of course you do, rattle-brain you are !! Well then, good news for you, FORGET THEM ALL, ‘cause HERE IS NOW for you the unsurpassable: ……………………………….!!! WOW again, did you see THAT !! Where’s is his name now ??? He even surpasses the tax collector.!!! Nothing in the sleeves, nothing in the pockets ….. well hm, not any longer now.