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Posted By:escoba

Old Comments:

2009-07-01 05:23:13
She? He? Who can tell? OK, the PERSON in the picture is attached to a steel cable and... Happy now? ;-)
2009-06-30 20:28:42
2008-07-18 14:45:28
What has bungee jumping to do with this picture? She is attached to a steel cable and is about to zipline across the divide. In any case, you are wrong about the history of bungee jumping. Its origins are on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu, the South Pacific, in an ancient ritual called Gkol. Modern bungee jumping started on 1 April 1979 when people from the Oxford University Dangerous Sport Club jumped from Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England. During the 1980s, the sport flourished in New Zealand and France, and spread from thereā€¦
2008-07-18 07:10:33
Bungee jumping started off in New Zealand.
2008-02-05 09:19:52
Not without a parachute
2008-01-15 06:04:18
Not. Never. Nohow.
2008-01-15 05:47:59
no #%&*&% way i would go off a cliff!!!!!