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Old Comments:

2008-04-13 15:44:19 not racisim, most certainly sexism, but pretty much the sign of the times. I have a couple of books from that time telling women how to keep their husbands happy. It would leave you ROTFLOL. By the way, One True God (little chuckle there) Please do us all a favor and look up the word race, and the word racism so you will no which of us to hate
2008-01-31 22:12:15
Whenever I read something about those days (and afaik they are not really totally over), I can't believe this racism. Then again, I also don't believe the infamy of being racist against black people, jews, asian people etc. - It's just pure evil and stupidity. And against THAT kind of people I am racist!
2008-01-19 02:19:33
I'd like some of her vitamins, please.
2008-01-18 23:45:24
yeah she does the housework and she is cute, can't deny that.
2008-01-18 20:06:56
I see nothing wrong there.