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Old Comments:

2010-04-05 11:08:53
Thank you Mr Smartypants, I find your comments always helpful and informativ. I too have googled this extensively, and the surprise is how many are still discovered, not just in South America. If it is indeed religious ( and what else could the motivation be?) then peoples all over the planet worshipped in a similar fashion, to quite possibly the same gods, quasi a global religion? Very interestingly we are willing to destroy others for wanting the same we want. Regards, pesche61
2010-04-05 03:48:21
Some very intelligent peoples have spent years studying the Nazca Lines, yet no one can say with certainty why they were built or what purpose they served. Most scientists believe they served some sort of magical /mythological/religious function, probably involving astronimcal observations, but they remain for the most part a mystery, and probably always will. Which is okay. It's actually cool to know that there are mysteries that will probably forever remain mysterious and beyond the ken of our science.