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Old Comments:

2011-11-24 10:21:14
Hmmm... let's see: your silly pictures, your moronic comments... No. You are still the only stupid one here!
2011-11-24 08:50:50
I'm not Patito, I just wanted to stir the pot and I succeeded. So, who's the stupid one?
2011-11-24 07:36:06
If you really believe this food addict you are pretty stupid. I doubt if patito, who uploads all of this food crap, really likes the photos, but he does like to push them on others. All of the votes for these pics are either cheating upvotes by patito himself or by very few users that, for some reason, feel obligated to him. As for you, food addict, it is at least 5:1 that you are patito as well.
2011-11-24 04:05:30
I wouldn't go near it even if I am too late to get my supper. Anyone can plainly see it's genetically engineered.
2011-11-24 03:46:36
Some folks love all this food - look at the votes.
2011-11-24 00:30:48
Then how 'bout some pie ?
2011-11-24 00:12:16
No. We have already enough of it!