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Old Comments:

2009-04-07 09:40:23
I have uploaded photos that had already been posted. Surprisingly, I often find out when I see the original uploads under 'similar pics for you'. I check with the 'Search' button, but if the original upload is not properly tagged, it won't come up. Like German said, it was uploaded a year ago. You can't be expected to remember what was posted that long ago - not even weeks or months ago.
2009-04-07 05:35:46
It's a fascinating image. It seems to me that a city that advanced would recycle all the waste water.
2009-04-07 04:18:42
"More details when you see it full-size!" is an evil message! Vote it down!
2009-04-07 04:17:56
Sorry! I didn't know that it was uploaded before!
2009-04-07 04:01:07
This is curious: "hungryghost" uploaded this pic a year ago and get 299 votes and enthusiastic comments! OK, this is a repost now but a better version cause it is bigger (and you name the artist)! But now they vote it down! Crazy world!
2009-04-07 02:14:40
More details when you see it full-size!