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Old Comments:

2008-12-16 08:32:44
Today every one of my pictures has been voted down. Why did I say somthing wrong or offensive? do any of the people who voted my pictures down have the balls to come on here and tell me why? I think it's important that we can all express our opinions, but please tell me how you could be offended by me saying I care for all people all nationality's and races, and that is why I was bothered enough by popolov's comment to come here and say what I thought. I want to thank you for what you said poppy, but I am not any different from other people here, I'm not sweet all the time I'm human, and that's why I said, I know I'm not always right about things like politic's or whatever, but one thing I am positive I was right about, is those people who died deserve to be respected and remembered, just like all the other people around the world who have been killed in the name of hate or war.
2008-12-16 04:02:29
Popolov: Why would you negate the lives of the people who died in that disaster? You are so wrapped up in your own fantasyworld that you seem to lack the simple decency and respect that most people have toward sorrow and loss... Yet, on occasion, you have displayed compassion (mainly toward animals), so you're not all 'bad' but you work awfully hard at being an asshole. There! You heard right, Poppy said "asshole", because I feel that there's no other way to express it that 'the general public' of Pixdaus will understand. // About 70% of the comments on Pixdaus are negative comments, which does not give a very good picture of the state of the world. But it is WE, THE PEOPLE, who make up the world, and it is up to us, the people, to make it a better place.
2008-12-16 01:37:52
SKIP: It may not matter much in the larger scheme of things, but I consider you to be the sweetest, kindest, sincerest, most considerate and most helpful person on Pixdaus. The rest of us toddle along far behind. Then there are the popolovs who specialize in spreading contempt, prejudice, bias, bigotry, racism, and a few other undesirable elements besides. // Skip, you don't have to explain to us who you are, we KNOW who you are. And what we know is good.
2008-12-16 00:30:11
popolov always comes across to me as thinking he knows it all, I am positive I don't know everything!! It hurts me to see people suffer, and when I saw those poor people jumping off buildings and the heroes who lost their lives trying to save them, it was somthing I will never forget. I know you don't care who I am, or what I think, but I love all people, arab, chinese, jews, I feel the same sadness and compassion for anyone who suffers like all the innocent people in irag who have died and all over the world. If I did not care for others I would not have stood up for farhad, when he was called an idiot on here, or davidgois when he had trouble with the language I tried to help him,,, who cares right??? i'm just trying to explain who I am,, and I am a woman so don't come on here swearing at me please,,, I'm just trying to be honest,,, where I got this picture the numerous comments were about the poor people who lost their lives, and the importance of remembering them.. This pic was on the top page last night,,, does anyone feel the way I do,,,that this is about all innocent people everywhere who died for no good reason.
2008-12-16 00:18:24
2008-12-15 22:45:37
Popolov believes that the folks in the bush administration, the most incompetent crew of bumbling bozos in US history, were able to plan and execute a complex scheme involving sophisticated devices, lots of people working in close coordination, and months if not years of planning, all in secret, and that everything worked flawlessly ! Which demonstrates that once the mind of the conspiracy theorist wraps itself around an idea, no amount of reason, logic, or plausible alternative explanations can shake it loose.
2008-12-15 18:05:23
I've heard you say before that 911 was an inside job and I know that you believe the holocost never happened,, and I have heard you put down americans many times, along with the british, even though you live there. Who do you like or trust? nevermind, my point is this, Many innocent people lost their lives,,,, show some respect for them.
2008-12-15 15:39:25
A phoney emotive symbol and event created by the false flag criminals to 'grab' the nation's emotions, and it worked!