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Old Comments:

2011-05-17 07:13:11
Thanks Gabrielle, I also wondered why the photographer did not buy it, but on speculation, I doubt if it was the photographer that identified it and the photograph may not have been identified from the photograph until quite a bit later.
2011-05-16 09:56:58
What a sad story Big Bird. I wonder why the photographer did not buy it? I enjoy your bird posts very much, thanks.
2011-05-14 22:52:07
I think there should be some commercials or programs on TV that should broadcast or show all the critically endangered birds all the time in info mercials to make those concern to be aware of what they are doing,some of them are poor people who just want to satisfy the crumbling stomach.but if they know,at least they may have other take other birds perhaps.which is plentiful species of course..
2010-09-27 16:48:31
Pixdaus cut off the caption, apparently it was too long. What I intended on saying was: "The captive bird was photographed at a meat market in the Philippine Islands and was immediately taken away and sold for meat after the photo was taken.