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Old Comments:

2009-11-27 12:47:25
I sure wouldn't like to live in that kind of building, patito. As you say, too drafty, although I love to have a draft of some kind coming into a room, but not that drafty.. :(
2009-11-27 12:44:57
You're welcome, Gabrielle. Glad you got so much info about it.. :)
2009-11-26 12:12:32
Interesting...but looks kinda drafty...
2009-11-26 10:56:36
Thanks PictureGirl, I googled and got lots of interesting stuff. One man's eccentricity, not popular with the town council. I just love the strangeness of it.
2009-11-25 11:41:29
Just 'google' it Gabrielle with the same title as the photograph here has. You'll find enough info about it from that.. :)
2009-11-25 08:56:57
THanks I tried that but got nothing useful.
2009-11-24 20:43:01
2009-11-24 14:17:12
Does anyone know anything about this extraordinary structure?