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Old Comments:

2009-10-01 20:53:26
WoW POPPY silent ! POPPY innocent ! POPPY with education ! POPPY Bible ! POPPY kind ! POPPY with power ! POPPY fell in love with nature ! POPPY artist POPPY with Beautiful photos ! POPPY with interesting photos ! POPPY with good choice ! POPPY with much of the vote POPPY with Submitted 5169 photos POPPY with 9999999999 became "popular" !!!!!!!!!!
2009-10-01 20:48:29
One could almost kinda start to feel somthing like pity for this sick little creature..imagine what a vast empty nothing its bleak little life must be for it to creep back here and spend all night expressing it's hatred and jealousy by compulsively downvotingthe comments of people who are just having a pleasant conversation.....sad, really...
2009-10-01 19:43:22
Wow. Friendship and being nice to one another is a tabu to some people. We say a few friendly words, and instantly the pic is voted down, followed by voting down our comments. Well, here's another one to vote down; go ahead, creepo, do what you do best: trolling (since you have no other talents).
2009-10-01 09:50:43
From 11 to 5. Where is Wide Eyed now?
2009-10-01 09:29:35
...nothing at all, business as usual. The downvoters like to demonstrate that they can knock my pics down, the brave warriors that they are.
2009-10-01 09:22:33
Thanks, Skip! - Where are your pics? Let's have them... ;-)
2009-10-01 09:21:59
Also voted down right after I gave it eleven,,,so what else is new?
2009-10-01 09:21:04