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Posted By:Sea Lemon

Old Comments:

2009-02-24 00:42:34
That is very nice story... tnx 4 sharing!
2009-02-23 21:31:53
The 'lost' story of Paddy, also known as Božo: Deep, deep in the emerald green magic forest lived a leprechaun by the name of Paddy O’Leary. All leprechauns used to be regular people like us who – by the order of whatever you happen to believe in – in certain circumstances had to spend some time as spirits before entering the Nether World. Paddy was a shoemaker extraordinaire who could be compared with Louboutin or Blahnik of today. He was rich beyond belief because the wives of all the leprechauns clamoured for his designs and he simply could not make enough of them. Eventually, he founded a shoe factory, and his fashionable shoes were exported to every land where leprechauns were known to reside. Paddy, being a miser who did not trust banks, put all his profits in a huge clay jar and buried it in a field on his potato farm. Jump to the year 2004. As I was visiting Ireland with a view to buying a small country cottage, I did find one sweet abode at the edge of a green green field, sheltered by a green green forest… I bought the cottage on the spot and settled in. One day, digging the soil with a view to planting a few rose bushes, my fork hit something hard. Thinking it was a stone, I dug and dug and finally unearthed a jar. Lifting it out, it broke apart, and streams of gold coins lay scattered on the dark soil. Thank you, Paddy, for being such a miser.
2009-02-23 17:10:58
nop, can't see it any more. -15 votes and no comments. tjah. i'm sure it was a nice comment. perhaps u can post it here?
2009-02-23 06:29:36
Thanks for posting the leprechaun, Sea Lemon. I wrote a story in the comments, but the picture was voted down and out, so perhaps you did not see it. ;-)
2009-02-21 01:49:54
;) Leipreachán nemed Božo visited me under the sea a send me a picture of his home! dut don't tell anyone!
2009-02-21 01:42:47
I knew it! I swear I saw leprechauns! ;-)
2009-02-21 01:35:29
tnx! Ireland, somewere near Dublin.
2009-02-21 00:59:30
Beautiful picture, Sea Lemon!