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Posted By:Danis51

Old Comments:

2011-10-29 16:19:44
This is a beautiful photo but it is a possum not a wombat. A little possum just like this one sleeps outside my bedroom window here in Australia,
2010-04-06 23:47:30
A possum it may be, but it isn't what we call a possum here in North America. Western Hemisphere possums are Didelphiamorphia. The animal in the photograph, which is called a possum in Australia, belongs to the sub-order Phalangeriormes. The name 'possum' was derived from the Algonquin name for them, 'wapathemwa,' meaning 'white dog.' From whence came the 'O' in their formal name I know not, but calling a possum an o'possum is like calling a crawfish a crayfish; technically correct but pretentious and citified. Later this morning I'll post some photos of our North American, or Virginia possums so you can all see for yourselves.
2010-04-06 19:14:06
According to boffin-lintermans at flickr, this is a bush tail opossum.
2010-04-06 17:01:36
They certainly are. I had a sick Ringtail take refuge on top of a cupboard in our garden shed. He had "Possum flu", or some such, and his eyes were gummed shut. I put out plates of fruit for him up on top of the cupboard and he stayed there for quite some time until he was better. I called him Blind Pugh and eventually he would take a grape from my fingers - still with eyes shut. When he was able to open them his eyelids remained pink and puffy. Once fully recovered he returned to the treetops, but used to visit us regularly, always recognizable by his puffy eyelids.
2010-04-06 15:21:59
On a google image search for possum, I found this photo. When I clicked on the image, it went to the desktop wallpaper site. But, the photo was not there that I could see. Maybe that site thought it was a wombat. Possums are adorable.
2010-04-06 12:58:31
This is a very nice picture of a sweet little POSSUM.
2010-04-06 10:08:31
The wombat lives across the seas among the far Antipodes. His diet consists of nuts and berries and occasional missionaries. His distant habitat precludes conclusive knowledge of his moods, But I would not engage a wombat in any form of mortal combat. Ogden Nash