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Old Comments:

2011-06-03 01:29:01
Single.. Corking :)
2008-11-29 17:52:27
2008-11-29 17:52:24
2008-04-30 06:48:25
good one Gomer! Isn't is oddly lonesome looking?
2008-04-28 09:34:19
*singing with a strong Mexican accent* "De la Sierra Morena/Cielito lindo vienen bajaaaandooo!/ Un par de ojitoooos negrooos/Cielito lindo, de contrabaaaandoooo!/ Ay, ay, ay, ayyyyyy/Canta y no llores/Porque cantando se alegran/Cielito lindo, los corazooooneees!"
2008-04-28 07:23:04
Perhaps they are serenading her?
2008-04-27 08:03:00
Italian nursery rhyme: Ambarabà Ciccì Coccò, tre civette sul comò, che facevano l'amore, con la figlia del dottore. Il dottore si ammalò, Ambarabà Ciccì Coccò. ---->Attempt of translation: Ambarabà... three burrowing owl on the sofa, flirting, with the daughter of the medician, Ambarabà...
2008-04-26 06:45:50
"woman on sofa fearing death by owl" is more like it.
2008-04-26 05:19:36
"woman and owls on a leopard sofa";)
2008-04-26 03:21:09
Nice Hooters
2008-04-26 02:54:58
I hope those owls are not taxidermies...