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Old Comments:

2011-06-16 13:28:22
yeah, right. amazing how you guys always know everything. you just polish your crystal balls and - bingo! - the answers are right there. highly scientific.
2011-06-16 12:55:03
But 'problem solver' is right. Even your downvotes can't change it!
2011-06-16 12:21:15
And you're a six-comment troublemaker crawling out of your slimy hole! What's the diff? Paranoia rules!
2011-06-16 11:55:09
One-comment-motherfuckers crawling out of their slimy holes and know definitely (!) that patito is the most harmless person!! I bet these slimy trolls are no other than patito, cause only patito tries to present himself as the most harmless man on earth!
2011-06-16 11:01:22
Quit bitching, Big Bird! Everyone's uploads are being downvoted and it ain't patito that's doing it!
2011-06-16 06:52:26
Yeah right, patito (also known as not patito, connie V, connie V.5, connie VI, etc).
2011-06-16 06:38:03
Its not patito who downvoted. You will vote for those pictures many time in few days with sister helping.
2011-06-16 06:32:57
I uploaded this photo and within 3 minutes it was voted -3. Thank you patito, but I doubt with most of the others will agree with your assessment.