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Old Comments:

2010-06-28 11:11:18
I didn't think much of him myself either. I think the other Elvis is far better music wise than Mr Costello is....
2010-06-28 10:51:59
I personally don't know anything about Elvin Costello. I heard him sing on a TV special with his wife about a few months ago; I thought he was ok...nothng special.
2010-06-28 10:27:15
Oops, that should've been only the one 'to listen', not twice... :( Apologies....
2010-06-28 10:25:56
I don't mind one song of Elvis Costello's. I think it's called, 'Watching the detective'. I haven't heard his other songs. Boy, if his wife is world famous, where have I been then ? Probably too busy listening to Dire Straits..:) I like to listen to listen to most types of music, but not jazz so much and not opera. I can't understand what they're singing about most of the time... :(
2010-06-28 10:20:50
You are very welcome, Jujuba. I'm so glad that it gave you pleasure a a very welcome surprise to hear the tune again. It came out in 1984, quite some time ago now. Oh yes you are sooo right about music making us remember special times and even sad ones. Music has a power all its own.... :)
2010-06-28 09:30:42
Mary, thank you soooo much for giving me that link! I had heard that song a long time back, before I even knew Dire Straits and I had no idea it was Mark Knopfler´s - I got so surprised when I saw it was his! The song brought back lots of memories, it´s amazing how music can have that effect on us huh? ;-)
2010-06-28 04:58:00
Diana Krall is world famous; she has won many awards. She's married to Elvis Costello - a bit of an odd couple ;-) I love jazz, blues, old rock-n-roll, light opera etc.
2010-06-27 23:25:54
Thankyou, Jujuba. I think it's (Northern Lights) lovely too, which is why I've had that as the theme music for my desktop theme for so long. Mark Knopfler has also brought out many beautiful tunes on his own, some as soundtracks for movies. One is a movie called, 'Cal'. I disliked the movie very much. It's terribly violent and I couldn't watch it all. But the music from that film is very haunting and beautiful. The same for the movie, 'The Princess Bride'. Ever since though I developed depression, I find listening to the music from that film really saddens me deeply. I still love the music, but find it very hard to listen to. Here is the main song from the movie, 'Cal'. It is called, 'The Long Road'. I really love this piece of music alot. I even wrote a poem about it. I called it, 'Dream Dance', because it's about me dancing around when I hear the song and then I liken it to being like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Hope you like this song, if you haven't heard it already, that is.... :)
2010-06-27 16:15:49
@ Connie: thanks dear :-)
2010-06-27 16:15:13
I´ve listened to it and it´s lovely Mary :-) And what a coincidence - when I think of a special guitar, I also thing of Mark Knopfler :-) I actually love the whole arrangement that Dire Straits do with their songs. Today even I was listening to 'Your latest trick' and it´s magical the way they can mix instruments - they start the song with the trumpet, a little piano and some very short guitar tunes...then they move to the saxophone and some light drum beats...then comes Mark´s soothing makes you get more and more involved with the song as it develops! For those who dont know the song: get cozy, close your eyes and listen to it:
2010-06-27 16:03:29
Copied from: My heartfelt thanks to the photographer :-)
2010-06-27 15:42:40
Just heard her music now Connie on YouTube. She is a very good singer and pianist, that's for sure. Jazz isn't really my cup of tea, but the music I found out about today is very pretty. So is Diana Krall as well. Thankyou for letting me know about her and her music....:)
2010-06-27 15:36:48
Oops, meant to say something too about Diana Krall. I'm not familiar with her music, in fact I've never heard of her until now. I'll put her name in YouTube and see what comes up there...:)
2010-06-27 15:35:08
Hi Connie. Hope you are keeping well. Thankyou for visiting the link and liking the beautiful music. I really like music like that, along the lines of The Shadows, Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits and anything like those artists. There's just something about that kind of music which relaxes me alot. In fact, most times I forget that I have depression when I listen to that. Take care, Connie. Nice to speak to you again....:)
2010-06-27 15:29:13
Lovely photo Jujuba. PictureGirl - I went to the site and it's beautiful guitar playing. Like it says "a smooth jazz-fusion masterpiece of classic guitar by Russ Freeman". Diana Krall (from Vancouver Island), is a great jazz singer; she should sing a song with the Rippingtons band. They would be awesome together!
2010-06-27 15:18:06
Another beautiful photo, Jujuba. No wonder you asked the photographer for this one. I really love it and it is in my favourites and is in my screensaver as well. Speaking of which, I found out today what the name of the song is that I have in my desktop theme. I've wanted to know what that song is for the longest time and I emailed the person that put it in the theme. She let me know what the song is. That made me good to know what it is now. It has little bits and pieces of it and I have had that for a few years now. Here is the song in YouTube. I think it's really beautiful. It is called 'Northern Lights' by The Rippingtons. If you listen to it, I hope that you will like it too... :)