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Old Comments:

2010-05-09 00:26:19
And that's the way I'd want it to be too, all the time.... :)
2010-05-09 00:22:00
The photographer in this case had already given permission to have his photo shared, copied or distributed, so you did not do 'wrong by him' in any way whatsoever.
2010-05-09 00:10:32
I'm so sorry Poppy that you are also going through depression. I hope that you are coping ok with that. Mine was diagnosed in 1999. It's no fun feeling blah each morning and not wanting to go out anywhere and moving around slow at first. And the tablets too take their toll as well with the different side effects. I've already tried 5 or 6 different ones. I think my reaction to a photographer showing displeasure of not wanting his/her photo, shows just how much I dislike to do the wrong thing by others. And I happen to think that because it is their photo in the first place, then they have the right to do with it what they will. And we have an obligation to recognize that right. Thanks again, Poppy... :)
2010-05-08 23:55:16
I have suffered form depression also for the past six years or so, therefore I can relate to what you're feeling. But it's one thing to feel depressed and quite another to let anyone walk all over you... although when that happens it's just that much harder to take when you're already vulnerable. It's all a matter of how much you can take without knuckling under, I guess, but one photographer going after you does not amount to much, if you rationalize it.- Especially as you had the right to post the pic in the first place!
2010-05-08 23:42:59
Oh yes, I've seen all of that, unfortunately. I don't know how you put up with it all. All I can say is that I'm truly sorry for all of that. I just don't want to make anyone unhappy or to get into trouble. I already have depression, and that is enough to weigh me down in life without anything else to help it along.... :(
2010-05-08 23:34:14
I was referring to Pixdaus hassle, of course. You cannot have missed some of the attacks on my person, surely? Explode, etc etc etc... If all the hassle I have confront would only come from a photographer or two, I'd be smiling. ;-)
2010-05-08 23:27:08
Yes you are right about that person possibly not being the one in question. It's a real shame that the world is like this, that you can't trust some people. With what you wrote at the end of your comment.... forgive my ignorance, but I'm not too sure what you mean by that....
2010-05-08 23:20:43
None of us even knows for sure that Ashleigh Thompson was the person who wrote the comment objecting to your posting of his picture. ANYONE can come here and claim to be this, that, or other... So, just keep on posting. - You know nothing about what serious hassle is. :-)
2010-05-08 22:43:50
Thankyou Poppy. Glad you love the photo. I'm going to miss posting, but it's just not worth the hassle of treading on people's toes all the time... :(
2010-05-08 22:34:13
Love it!
2010-05-08 22:31:37