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Old Comments:

2010-03-23 13:02:04
FarAwayHills - folks from England and Commonwealth countries ie Canada, New Zealand, Australia write 'colour', 'harbour' etc...the Queen's English ;-) Americans write 'color', 'harbor'...
2010-03-23 12:52:08
Thankyou, FarAwayHills. That is what I feel too. The photographer knew what to go with for his picture. And I for one, happen to like his choice. I am from Melbourne, Australia. G'day... :) Of course, I don't talk with that kind of lingo. I'm Australian, but I'm not that aussie.... :)
2010-03-23 12:39:01
It is kind of like oils and watercolors when dealing with painting. Most people have a personal preference for one or the other, but that doesn't make them any better because they both have a place. Stick with the one you like best PictureGirl. You have written "colour" twice, are you from England?
2010-03-21 15:30:19
Well maybe, but I still think it's pretty just the same. It's his photo, so he can do what he wants to it. The more I think of it though, I'd much prefer his photo than the one that was posted with the colours taken out of it....
2010-03-21 14:44:55
I agree it is a very nice photo with outstanding composition. I just feel that the photographer pushed the color saturation way too much and it was not at all necessary and the photo is better without it.
2010-03-20 12:16:04
Thankyou, quest4tvl5a. I am sorry that the colour saturation isn't to your liking on this particular photo. I like this though alot. It is still quite pretty to me in it's own way... :)
2010-03-20 11:53:07
You have uploaded some very nice photos in the last couple of days PG, however this is my least favorite. The color saturation is too great and it no longer looks real at all. If the saturation was pushed back, I think the photo would be greatly improved.