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Old Comments:

2010-02-18 11:00:41
Thanks for that, Gabrielle. I appreciate your info about the cameras. I didn't know how simple that would be. Now to find the USB port in my computer... :)
2010-02-18 10:29:32
A digital camera comes with a cable that connects your camera to the USB port in your computer and Voila! You can download all your pics into iphoto, if you have a Mac, or whatever photo programme your PC has.
2010-02-17 17:23:44
I have been to Ripponlea and it is a most beautiful area. The grass area is so large with some beautiful trees. The lake is a real sight and I could easily live near a place like that. Inside the building is a lovely visit too. My query with the digital cameras is how you get the images you take, onto the computer. I know that these cameras would take a much better picture than my phone does. Thankyou for the info Gabrielle about the cameras.
2010-02-17 17:16:05
I don't know Melbourne and thought this was somewhere in England. I do know digital cameras and they are simply marvellous! The early ones were clunky and gave poor results but even quite inexpensive ones now give excellent results. You can even get (for quite a price!) SLR type ones with interchangeable lens - wonderful!
2010-02-16 22:42:30
Thankyou for that, Gabrielle. Not too sure if you are familiar with the suburbs of Melbourne. This is near Elsternwick on the other side of the Yarra River. Here is a link in case you are not familiar with the area. The more I think about it, the more I'm inclined to want to use my own camera and not have to rely on the photographers' permission to use their photos. I will have to get a new digital camera though but I'm not familiar with how to work one of them. I'll have to do my homework with that. Thanks again, Gabrielle... :)
2010-02-16 17:42:26
A lovely spot PictureGirl looking forward to more good posts.
2010-02-15 08:19:06
Thankyou so much, Poppy. Good to be doing so once again. I've missed posting pics alot.
2010-02-15 01:41:42
Good to see you posting again, PictureGirl!