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Old Comments:

2010-02-14 14:34:14
Thankyou, Skip. You're too kind. Karen was very kind to allow me to post her pic. And it makes me feel better that I am doing things the right way. It's really great to speak to all of you as well. This is a really great site and I'm happy to have found it and everyone who comes here. Thankyou again.. :)
2010-02-14 14:21:05
I understand your feelings PictureGirl, it was really nice the photographer got back to you and gave you permission, but I can imagine you'd have to wait quite awhile for each pic you post, maybe if some photographers would allow access to all their pics it could work out, but I'm really glad you have stayed around as a viewer and a commentator, because it's nice to have friendly people like you to talk to here, or anywhere for that matter! :)
2010-02-14 14:09:17
Many thanks, Skip. I appreciate your kindness. The beautiful pic isn't my doing. It's Karen's. I don't think I will be able to post as many pics as I did before, or as often, because of waiting to hear back from the photographers. But that's ok. I didn't really want to post too many pics anyway, so it works out well. Thanks again, Skip... :)
2010-02-14 13:33:42
You made a great comeback PictureGirl, this is Beautiful!
2010-02-14 09:08:56
Sorry guys, the tag name should be bibury, not bilbury. I've just woken up and still sleepy I'm afraid.. :)
2010-02-14 09:06:36
Hi everyone, This is my first picture that I posted after some absence (from posting). I have asked the photographer if I could post her photo here and she has kindly given me permission. Hope you like it. It's great to post pics again. This time though, I will be doing things properly. Thanks everyone.. :)