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Old Comments:

2009-01-01 07:15:23
I forgot to add that her daddy, Jethro Cunningham, has stated publicly on numerous occasions that if he ever hears about anybody messin' around with Billie Sue, he will "gut 'em like a goddam hog and feed their liver to my coon hounds." I hear she doesn't have a steady boy friend right now, but if you come callin' you better watch your step.
2009-01-01 07:12:02
Okay, Verej..just for you, Buddy...her name is Billie Sue Cunningham, and her address is General Delivery, Gobbler's Knob,Arkansas. She's a sophmore at Northeast Alabama State Teacher's College, majoring in Cheerleading and Pep Squad. She likes romantic dinners for two in intimate little cafes, long walks on the beach, trotline fishin' and possum huntin'.
2009-01-01 03:12:54
Winter Shivers? She is absolute beauty. She is soooo hot, Probably she is the only reason for global worming. I wish there were some information about HER, like her name, her address, her phone number.