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Posted By:farhad

Old Comments:

2008-11-05 19:22:42
2008-11-02 19:58:12
How old are you artmani? Seven?
2008-11-02 19:52:41
(okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk) comment comment comment comment comment comment. you comment + + +*n = - - - - - - -*n i give you the negation Vote
2008-11-02 19:26:42
the (ok) smells bad.
2008-11-02 19:12:12
(ok) the story which you told was the funniest of all -ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha -
2008-11-02 18:56:59
what are you witing???? (ok)= crazy
2008-11-02 18:46:51
out (ok)
2008-11-02 18:44:21
ha ha ha ha (ok) you have very in information about that because you can vote to your comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-11-02 18:28:38
I am crazy? Wasn't it you who upload over 50 (!) of these stupid "where are you okkkkkkkk" pictures and shows the whole world your mental disease? Perhaps you can told us why farhad get over 5000 votes in two days?? Otherwise go back to your Kindergarten...
2008-11-02 18:19:51
the owl is ugly (ok)
2008-11-02 18:16:53
sightless = ko
2008-11-02 18:11:36
Thank you poppy
2008-11-02 18:06:08
where are you okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk?
2008-11-02 18:04:10
ok = crazy
2008-11-02 17:31:58
P.S. I am not at this moment directing my suspicions at Farhad, but I have more than enough evidence of the unfounded 'superiority' of Artemis.
2008-11-02 17:30:12
if someone knows how I can accuire votes by some ways such as some softwares please tell me.
2008-11-02 17:23:23
Of course you can!! And obviously you did more than once! "if you can say how do it pleas learn us": perhaps you vote for EVERY of your own pics (ca.2300 pics x 2 days = ca.5000 votes). That would explain why in "Recent popular" suddenly 20 pics of you appear in a row (and that also happened more than once!!!).
2008-11-02 17:21:13
OK: You and I have had differences of opinion about a couple of things, but I bear you no ill will. It is refreshing to find out that at last there are people who have detected the "unusual" rise of votes for some posters' pictures. I consulted a computer whiz-kid and now know how the voting of the pictures can be fixed. I would never use such means myself, but quite clearly it is being done by some people. Not only is it used to bolster the votes for their own pictures, it is also utilized to vote down any pictures that would 'threaten' the rise of their own pictures. One picture of mine achieved -4 votes. A certain poster posted the same picture a few days later and got +35 votes! I have other documented evidence of similar occurrences. Now we all have to start ‘getting vocal’ on the problem in order to have a fair game for all (which is all that I am interested in).
2008-11-02 17:07:03
I can't Vote positive to my picture.
2008-11-02 16:50:00
No, dude. YOU must told us how you did it!! (And stop voting for your own pics!!!!!!)
2008-11-02 16:46:09
ok : hi -- I am sorry I am not agree with you if you can say how do it pleas learn us. ((We must open our eyes to see.))
2008-11-02 16:07:22
How is it possible that you get ca. 5000 votes in just two days?? You had 46000 (+ something) and just two days later you have over 51000 !!!! Dude, you start cheating now??? Your pics are boring and lame, you vote for yourself to get them popular and now this!!!!! Even the cheating "Artemis" don't have this grow of votes...