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Old Comments:

2010-12-09 06:16:36
Further - You are assuming that the original poster sees a repost as a theft. It's more likely that he/she sees it as an arrogance/indifference on your part to not bother doing a search before posting. Perhaps some see it as a theft of their efforts of finding a photo and posting it ... and that is not ridiculous.
2010-12-09 06:12:58
I quote you "...because people have focused on the score and the theft of photos that are not theirs..." Please search before you post Ademir - in fairness to the others.
2010-12-09 01:25:47
“….and the theft of photos that are not theirs”! Guess you are saying that we uploaders on the Pixdaus are thieves. " Mistaken, I intend to only say that if I make a repost, the precedence uploader see the repost, sometimes, like a theft. Amen
2010-12-08 08:16:02
Unfortunately, some do not see you and others as being charming like Ademir - so you normally don't get a lot of votes. It's not about the photos; it's about who is your cyberspace friend on Pixdaus. I don't think it's any one person who downvotes your photos.
2010-12-08 08:10:54
"....and the theft of photos that are not theirs"!! I guess you are saying that we uploaders on Pixdaus are thieves. It is not theft if, when posting a photo, we give credit to the photograher by providing the name, and if we do not benefit from the photo re money, awards, etc. It is not fair or perhaps not even ethical to do that, but it is not theft...and it is cyberspace. We just transfer a photo from one site to another ;-) You are sharing photos with us...the ones already shared with us by another poster? If you mean by "new energy from outside" new posters who post mostly duplicates, then I think we can do without them.
2010-12-08 07:01:07
I did not use the word 'arrogant' in a harsh way - more as a joke. However, if someone continues a behaviour that is inconsiderate of others - that is arrogance. Folks have been very easy on you...considering you have consistently refused to do even a minimal search before you post. Therefore, a lot of your uploads are reposts. You are being unfair to all the others who deligently do a search before posting. You are also unfair to the rest of us who search the Web for find photos that all would enjoy...then to find that you repost their efforts. Like I wrote with this photo, you were not to be blamed because Happy Jack did not put the photographer's name under the caption - just under tag, which does not work. Forget tineye, there is a lot of complaints on this site about it. At the very least, do a minimal search.
2010-12-08 01:01:29
What I wrote, what you read .. Only other considerations: pixdaus is no longer populated as 2 or 3 years ago (I know him well, I've posted with the old nickname 'gianfly'), because people have focused on the score and the theft of photos that are not theirs. It's ridiculous! And ridiculous the race.. in september have disappeared as ademir Laurindo, the system made me disappear improvise with my score of 90000 points. Well, no problem, no tears. I restarted divided by zero because I like to share photos that I find interesting, stop Unnecessary criticism, fear of the vote, the atmosphere of a kindergarten drive people away. Towards;, ... Pixdaus It is now a circle of 20 people who upload photos, without new energy from outside. It's a great sin, mister pati
2010-12-08 00:12:18
Okay, tell us how you REALLY feel..:)
2010-12-08 00:07:45
I just read the umpteenth critical connie e.. I start to be fed up. Not because he can not accept criticism, but because it seems that, however, there is always a great desire to find something that does not go. 'Ademir, women do not go nude' 'Ademir, you steal the photos to others uploaders' 'Ademir, you don't write the sources' 'Ademir you don't write exactly the sources' 'Ademir, you change the original titles of photographers' ok ok ok 'My' (so to speak) pictures in recent months have changed sooo much: Few pixs 18+ and quite chaste, in order to not offend some minor around I always do a search on TinEye, imperfect instrument, but efficient and fast (pixdaus is slooow and not very modern: for example, it shows the search for photos and not thumbnails, and it's taking ages to see if you could repost a picture). I write, when I know, the name or source I just start to write the source also in the tags to speed up the investigation. BUT THAT SOMEONE, Connie, give me ARROGANT, I can not stand. I do not need a Mistress Always on. Pixdaus is not a children's garden Enjoy the photos, if you want, give a negative vote. But NOT offend me. But not to offend. IN ANY WAY
2010-12-07 18:34:28
It is rather interesting, I think, Connie that my post of this photo was virtually ignored until Ademir did the reposting. It has quickly gone from +11 to +33 in less than one days time. In regards to your question, I do think that this is a very new photo. I took it from a 2010 European Professional Photographers Contest blog where it was first prize winner in one of the categories. It did not have a caption, so I added the one I used. My posted photos are subject to extremely heavy downvotes that they usually get within the first hours of their uploading. Mixes of -1's and -3's that usually total way over -10. I never have any clue as to why, except it obviously is not the photo that is getting these downvotes (and must be me instead). This experience with my upload and the Ademirano repost has given me a lot of incite into this. And no I don't think that Ademir is in anyway responsible. However, I have a pretty good idea who is, but still have no idea why.
2010-12-07 12:27:16
In some fairness to Ademir, both captions are probably not correct. I've seen that photo on some sites - none with either of your captions. One is called 'Balance'. Also, if you had put the photographer's name at the caption and not under tag, Ademir would have seen your upload IF he did a search. Photographers' names do not show up when put under tag - only on the caption. I don't know why folks keep doing that. I used to sometimes do that over a year ago, but I realized the names do not show up under a search, so I stopped. I had done that to only a few. In fairness to all, if we don't use the correct caption (or mispell) given by the photographer (if there is one) and we don't indicate the photographer's name at the caption, then we can't expect someone to know if the photo has previously been uploaded. However, sometimes it's a simple matter of searching under one or two obvious words. But, in this case, I searched under 'moon'; I got 13 pages with 50 photos per page - that would be unreasonable to expect someone to search through that many photos. I did a search under 'moon tree'; only Ademir's upload came up; surprisingly yours did not, yet you had 'tree' under tag. I guess Pixdaus does not recognize that tag word (go figure!). In Ademir's case, he would probably still have re-posted it...simply because he does not search...a bit of an arrogance on his part..he naughty boy, and others seem to think it's ok for him and not others. The Finnish photographer Joni Niemela has photos on and flickr and a Russian site. This photo is not in those locations. So, it must be a new photo. it is an interesting one.
2010-12-07 06:46:39
good question..
2010-12-07 06:31:53
This is the original Pixdaus post on this Ademirano and it was posted less than two weeks ago. Do you ever check for reposting? It is very interesting that yours did much better in the voting and after only one day. My post received over 20 downvotes and had a difficult climb to get to the present +11.