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Old Comments:

2010-09-28 13:26:54
Many thanks, Poppy. Yes, the deer looks to be enjoying himself here, for sure... :)
2010-09-27 20:00:50
Lovely picture, Mary! The deer is having a feast...
2010-09-27 14:58:14
Thankyou for letting me know, Coy. I appreciate your +3 votes, even if it's not reflected here. I wouldn't worry about the person taking that away either. That's how it is here on Pixdaus, unfortunately. Wish it could be different with the voting system here, but it's not... :(
2010-09-27 14:05:44
P.G., I just voted this up with a plus 3 and now someone took my plus3 away.
2010-09-27 13:30:16