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Old Comments:

2010-05-19 14:54:25
Well... nobody really. Good point, Jujuba.... :)
2010-05-19 14:50:22
Who else is Mary on this site that we know of? ;-) :P
2010-05-19 14:39:38
I wasn't sure that those 2 wonderful pics were for me, but I am glad that you confirmed that, Jujuba. Thankyou....:)
2010-05-19 14:35:44
Every moment you think youīre not having a nice day, look at those two pictures Mary-Fan posted for you ;-) I sure had some laughs :P
2010-05-19 12:46:24
Will try, Jujuba... :)
2010-05-19 12:34:18
Thanks Mary, and you have a good day ahead ;-)
2010-05-19 09:52:04
You are very welcome. Sorry about that, Jujuba. That's why I said 'having' a wonderful day. I wasn't sure what time it was where you are. Glad that your day went well. And yes, you are right.that it is morning here in Melbourne. It is just after 8.45am. It is quite cold for us but at least the sun is shining. Have a great night, Jujuba......
2010-05-19 09:37:20
I actually 'had' a nice day, itīs already evening here now. I believe itīs the beginning of morning in Melbourne? Thanks for your sweet words Mary girl :-)
2010-05-19 09:13:06
Jujuba, you are posting some really beautiful photos. It is a joy to look at them. Thankyou so much. Hope you are having a wonderful day... :)