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Old Comments:

2009-10-07 03:00:18
Keep dreaming about it, and it will happen...
2009-10-07 02:51:26
Really nice Poppy :) I wonder when I´ll be able to wonder around Scandinavia :(
2009-10-07 02:35:53
See the above, it has a summer shot of the same place.
2009-10-07 02:13:25
Nice :)
2009-10-07 02:02:30
Heh, I was trying to catch a Finn or or two, but not one happened by... The meaning is this: Kuusamo Calling me now is Kuusamo. Sturdy forest I see, and the blue hills. Kuusamo, Calling me now is Kuusamo. Only there do I peace attain.
2009-10-07 01:47:25
A translation would be good :P
2009-10-06 15:27:50
Kuusamo, been there. We even have a song about Kuusamo: Kuusamo Nyt kutsuu mua Kuusamo. Metsän näen jämäkän, ja vaaran sinertävän. Kuusamo, Nyt kutsuu mua Kuusamo. Sieltä vaan mä rauhani saan.