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Old Comments:

2010-12-09 05:37:37
My humble opinion is that it is not a secret group that downvote the photos. I haven't proof, but neither of the contrary. What give annoyance to me is not the negative vote, but the critic for taste to criticize (but this is an other speech). Also I notice that my photos go up and come down remarkablly. It is not a problem. If there is a person with many nicknames and many computers for downvoting, it's an his problem. Should be seen by a good doctor. you continue to load images that you like and don't worry about .. For information look how many critics have received jchip8 in these years: they have not stopped him
2010-12-09 03:17:43
Hello, White Eagle/another frustrated user. Where did I say that you did it? I clearly said that my observations were not proof of anything. Read and remember, before you jump into accusations. You, on the other hand, accuse me of downvoting your pics. Where's your evidence?
2010-12-09 02:57:58
White Eagle is evil! But not Patito who started to give his friends his +20 cheater votes again! It's better to harass White Eagle or others instead...
2010-12-09 02:44:33
yes, white eagle is the devil himself! we should change his name to SATAN! white eagle is guilty for everything!! "someone is upvoting White Eagle pics"... but you forgot to mention that you first downvoted them with YOUR -4 cheating power 24 hours a day, right? (it is not difficult to notice your downvote!) btw: YOU know when any user is around??? ("each time White Eagle is present, every pic that reaches the 'recent popular' section is instantly knocked down by 3 votes" Where do you get that idea??? How can you tell that he really did it??? Give us any kind of evidence please???) As ademir said: "Unnecessary criticism, fear of the vote, the atmosphere of a kindergarten drive people away (from Pixdaus)" Indeed.
2010-12-09 02:07:36
Hello Happy Jack The Pixdaus user rating is not composed of votes only. Every time you post a picture or a comment, the rating goes up. Every time your pictures are voted up (or down!), the rating goes up. So, if you look at your observations of the past several hours, your interpretation of the up or down votes needs to be reassessed. Everyone's uploads are being downvoted, some more than others, I admit, but there are some posters whose pictures are constantly downvoted even more heavily than yours but they don't comment on every downvote they get. In an earlier comment under your 'leaf pic' you stated that someone is upvoting White Eagle pics. Who do you think that someone could be if not White Eagle himself? Remember Occam's razor: the simplest explanation is more likely the correct one. According to my observations (and that’s all they are, they are not proof of anything), each time White Eagle is present, every pic that reaches the 'recent popular' section is instantly knocked down by 3 votes, and so it goes on. It is harder and harder to reach that +11 when White Eagle is present. At the same time, his/her pics soar up and up. I am not attempting to claim that he/she is the only candidate for a possible downvoter, by any means, there have to more. The downvotes can be understood if the photo is of poor quality, but most of the downvotes are carried out by people who play a dirty game, meaning that they have endless cheater votes. In regard to the downvoting issue, I am surprised you would say that "I am sure that it is a group that acts in concert and I have a pretty good idea who the primary instigator is." One thing you need to understand about Pixdaus is this: None of us is able to say who does what and to whom and why. The trolls are the ones who claim this, that and the other without a shred of evidence (and a few troublesome posters do it also), so I am surprised that you would employ the same tactics - I thought better of you. I am glad you're not giving up, but keep the complaining down because here's one fact about Pixdaus: viewers and users alike get fed up with constant bitching and will join the downvoters. Our anonymous world is just as imperfect as the real world, so what do you expect? Angels? The only difference between this world and the real world is that in the real world we generally know who is doing what and to whom, here we most certainly don't.
2010-12-08 18:49:12
Interesting statistics. I uploaded six photo today, just several hours ago, and have kept very careful track of them by fully using what information is available from Pixdaus. In those several hours, I have received 145 positive votes (measured by the increase in my Pixdaus user rating) and 170 negative votes (measured by the individual photo scores having gone down by 25 votes). I don't think that all of this downvoting is being done by a single downvoter, but I am sure that it is a group that acts in concert and I have a pretty good idea who the primary instigator is. I have no idea why that I am being singled out and subjected to all of this and can only guess that they are trying to discourage me and get me to leave Pixdaus. However, I intend to stay nevermind what. I have been very well supported by the vast majority of Pixdaus users and my user score continues to climb. If this downvoting is intended as intimidation, it is not working. I have seen other users quiting Pixdaus as a result of intimidation techniques, including one earlier today. However, I am not others! All of us on Pixdaus don't need to be close friends, but if we have a common interest in nature photography, we should be able to get along and co-exist with each other. If you are looking for people that are causing problems, don't look in my direction because I have not been the one.