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Old Comments:

2009-11-18 06:39:03
I did not write that my generation invented everything worth listening, nor that everything good is already invented. However, we went from 'How much is that dog in the window' to Elvis Presley; dancing the waltz to rock and roll. The sexual revolution came into being...we tried to remove as much phoney stigma as possible. For the first time in history, young people really developed a conscience - we fought against a useless war. We shook the establishment by its roots in so many ways and in so many different areas. There is a tremendous amount of room for advancement in music, but this generation is still piggy backing on my generation - there are no new ideas (except rap music). There is some good rock music out there, but it's not new...not a new sound. And that was my point. Changes will come in all areas, but your generation is very slow to change things. Perhaps, your children will take the banner. My generation left a lot undone. The Internet is thanks to the US, which was in place before your generation, so were computers. Those are not your generation's invention. I start using a computer 20 years ago. Re Bush - If we ignore what is wrong, we ignore at our own peril.
2009-11-17 21:44:38
Oh my apologies Super Grandma. I believe you can win me in a lot of things. Regarding music, you sound like your parents about the rock. To them also everything worth listening was invented. I am disappointed that a hippie girl thinks that everything good is already invented and that there is no room for advancement in music ( terrible idea because you left nothing to do for new generation). May generation today is on the internet connected world while and learning from each another how to protect from old folks . If I don't know something I always can find another opinion on the internet, or ask someone. I learn lot from you and other on this site just by reading yours comments or talking with you. That give me a opportunity to see the way how your mind ticking. One psychologist should know what it means when you can predict another person thoughts. BDW: And in my country, when G.W.Bush come to visit there was no one on the street. Without any protest or support. We just ignore him...
2009-11-17 08:44:34
And your anus, Hugo, is fully exposed every time you go out in public or make a comment here.
2009-11-17 07:40:01
Putito, when you make birdies at home, immediately rise from the toilet seat and move the the ledge of the tube and sit with your anus fully exposed. Then take the shower head and spray until it's all clear- Then use a liberal amount of baby powder which is really a godsend. If you are consistent with this regime you will lose the sad odor and you will feel like a new person. Poopy and cunnie wil be glad to continue kiising your ass. fella.
2009-11-17 02:25:18
Personally, I never listen to any music recorded after about 1970....pop music reached it's creative apogee with Ray Charles, Chuck Berry and Little Richard and has been in steady decline ever since...
2009-11-17 02:11:09
Fuzzy, hippie movement isn't from this millennium.... :D
2009-11-17 01:33:55
Don't be so sure - I think Connie is a wild hippie chick : )
2009-11-17 01:21:18
Fuzzy , stop confusing poor grandma connie. It's well known that grandmas don't listen any music from this millennium. ;)
2009-11-17 01:05:48
Green Day is a very successful rock band - They have made several albums which have sold in the millions -Some have gone platinum - Do you listen to rock music? Surely you have heard Basket Case or American Idiot more info can be found on wikipedia for one or go to YouTube and watch some of their videos
2009-11-16 16:00:34
What do you mean by band?
2009-11-16 14:54:17
Green Day the band could be used on color green day
2009-11-16 09:49:46
2009-11-16 05:18:49
Not a fan of the band, I like the color though... I'll hunt.
2009-11-16 05:17:13
I posted this photo on 'blue day'. We've left blue and are now MAYBE moving on to green ;-)
2009-11-16 04:42:14
Are y'all goin' to keep the blue theme forever? It's makin' my mood... well... indigo. Thx ; - )