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Old Comments:

2010-05-31 16:39:03
Hi Briena, You have a lovely name, Briena. You also have a lovely horse too. It's always the way isn't it when you give your pet a bath. Off they go to get dirty straight away. Of course, with cats, I don't have that problem, seeing that they take care of the cleaning duties themselves. Thankyou for posting your picture and look forward to seeing your next one soon... :)
2010-05-31 16:23:13
This is my horse, Winny, just drying off after an extensive bath, mane and tail shampooed and conditioner washed, silky and smooth, tangle free... Then, the moment I let her off the lead... DOWN SHE GOES! Right in the mud and grass. Next picture, you will see her a week or two later.